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101 Files for Mastering the Art of Product Design & Dashboard Interface with Brand New 2017 Update!

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[Update 1.5 23th January 2017] – 34 New files and whole new package called Workspace Biggest pack focusing on designs of Dashboard User Interfaces & Web Applications to help you quickly prototype and design beautiful interfaces your clients and users will adore. 75 Screens with all various layouts. All packed with 2 Typeface versions – with Free Google Font Source Sans Pro & secondary Proxima Nova. Everything is based on 1170px Grid system (30px & 1580px canvas width).

2017 Update

brings design of a conceptual app for freelancers called Workspace. This time with all connected screens to give you another guide for your new dashboard visual language. All Workspace screens also comes in both White and Black versions. And lastly but also mainly this update gives you by your hand one of the biggest elements pack full of all possible states or every possible form/table elements you can ever think of.


  • 101 Files in total!
  • 75 Pixel Perfect Dashboard Designs
  • Various Layouts & All Possible Types of Dashboard Screens
  • One Complete 15 screens application design with Marvelapp prototype.
  • 28 Dark Interfaces & Dark UI Styleguide
  • One of the biggest elements UI Kit with all states of Inputs, Buttons, Selects, Dropdowns and more and more.
  • 4 Project Guidelines for handling your designs to Developers
  • Perfect Layer Organization in all 101 files. As well as all Retina Ready + 2 Version of Typefaces
  • Optimized for Sketch & Photoshop
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Release date: February 12, 2018
Last updated: February 13, 2018
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