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Take a deep breath and dive into a space of new ideas with our inspirational and featured by Behance projects with Futuro Icons: Do you know what unites creation of music with innovations in the financial sphere, political satire with space exploration, futuristic technology with copyright on the Internet? Nothing, except of new Futuro update, which includes 200 new icons, each of them was assembled literally pixel-by-pixel with distinctive design and flawless quality. The development of the new series lasted more than half a year, dozens and hundreds of different concepts were made in the process of creation, in order to present you 10 new subjects of 20 icons in each, with truly unique metaphors. What about the time travel or internet addiction icons? Robot assistant or wireless energy symbols? Trump’s icon, maybe? Yes please! Futuro continues to conquer new horizons. Join the leader! Futuro Icons is our pride, the collection which we continue to extend and improve over the past two years. It is used by designers around the world – from students and managers to art directors of design bureaus and global leaders of various industries. Conceptuality of images, minimalism with carefully elaborated detailing, thematic variability, author’s stylistic – this is all about Futuro, which we are glad to introduce to you, friends.

Thanks to all who support us!

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Release date: February 3, 2018
Last updated: February 13, 2018
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