• sophia
    Non Buyer

    I'm very interested in buying this icon set, but I had one question: Can the color of the icons be changed easily? I want to change them from black to a shade of blue used by my company.

    Let me know if this is possible.

  • Scarlett Denham
    Scarlett Denham
    Non Buyer

    Can you give more examples? hard to justify 1200 icons with only 4 examples. :| So tempted.

  • Liam Mobley
    Liam Mobley
    Non Buyer

    I just squeeled at my computer screen because of how much I LOVE these icons! I think this will be my next business investment. ;)

  • Jacob Bollinger
    Jacob Bollinger
    Non Buyer

    Hi, it’s great work but too expensive for me. :(
    When is a discount for this product available?

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