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  • Added new font combination
  • Added dark version
  • Added version for Adobe XD
  • Bug fixed

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High-Quality UI/UX Tool for Web Services Huge library of perfect handcrafted UI components with flowcharts
1. For Commercial and Side Projects. Create unlimited amount of websites with this high polished UI components 2. Work Faster. Speed up your workflow with a huge library of customizable elements 3. Easily create structure maps with this collection of flowcharts. We built flowcharts for almost each component so that you can quickly create a structure before working on elaborate details
1. Only Free Google Fonts Maven Pro & Roboto 2. 150 components in 20 sections For perfect webservices 3. Huge Collection of Icons Useful and pixel perfect 4. Pixel Perfect Vectors Easy to customize 5. Structure Map Creator Flowcharts for each component 6. 1440 px Bootstrap Grid 12 Columns 7. For Sketch and Photoshop
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  • We've combined our tabbed widget with the author widget, allowing you to fully customize it to your hearts content.

    Other than the usual html styled content, plain text or shortcodes, you can even add content from third-party plugins.

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  • Our tabbed widget supports up to 6 tabs. Inside any of these tabs you can add html styled content, plain text or even better; shortcodes.

    The theme itself comes with additional shortcodes to display product ratings, list of purchasers, users online and much more.
Release date: February 12, 2018
Last updated: February 13, 2018
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